Making Really Clear Beer

Part of taking your brewing to competition or professional level is having control over all aspects of it’s style. Like color, clarity is also a key aspect of beer style. Clarity is a well researched toping and there are mountains written on it already, so much so that it can be a hard topic to tackle. Since I’ve been getting lots of comments on the clarity of my beer lately, I though I’d share the three steps I use her win Bermuda to come out with really clear beer!

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When you and your mates want to go out on the town and get a draft craft beer there is only one place you can go in Bermuda, Harry’s.  Hands down Harry’s is the best place to get a draft pint of craft beer in all of Bermuda.

Buried in the back of the Waterfront Complex off of Pitts Bay Road, Harry’s is an amazing gastropub that is part high end restaurant and part mid 20th century pub. The pub side, off to the right as you enter, is inviting and friendly. In the afternoon it is usually filled with local businesspeople or those watching the afternoon football matches on the two big screen televisions. As and added amenity, the pub also offers plenty of outdoor seating as well overlooking the marina and Hamilton Harbor.

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Brewing with Rainwater

In Bermuda our main water source is rainwater collection. All those beautiful whitewashed roofs serve as a collection area for the rain and they send all that water in to a cistern. When brewing it’s very important to know you base water very well in order to ensure that your beer turns out as you’ve designed it. Rain water changes with each season and each waterfront, additionally it’s very likely that contaminants get in to the rainwater as it passes from the atmosphere to the roof, though the gutters, in to cistern, and through the pumps and pipes on it’s way to the tap. On the positive side, mother nature doesn’t add chlorine or fluoride to the rain water either. Knowing this we can take a few steps when brewing with this water!

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