Building a Keezer

What’s a keezer?

Keezer (noun): a freezer that has been modified to serve beer from a keg

Every home brewer at some point as given a lot of though to tapping a keg at home and pour yourself beer? I certainly did when a few years back I built our first Keezer. However, we foolish didn’t bring it with us when we moved!  But every setback is a new opportunity and here we get to build a new keezer and for me the building is half the fun!

You can read all about the process and steps on the article at, we won’t go in to that in this post where I’ll cover what I did differently.

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Good Evening IPA

We’re really bunch of hop heads here in Smith’s Parish, Bermuda. With that I’ve have had a great time experimenting with IPAs over the last two years. The Good Evening IPA is our recipe for a solid, bold IPA that stands up to other great IPAs like one of our all time favorites Bell’s Two Hearted.

Let’ she honest, there is nothing particularly inspired by Bermuda in this IPA. However, it’s name does follow the convention of greeting everyone you meet on the island. This is a great evening beer for the spring or fall with a solid hop profile at 56 IBU and 6.4% ABV. This is the most popular beer we brew and is a favorite among everyone. Needless to say this is a very mature recipe as we brew this beer more than any other! And yes, we have a Good Morning Session IPA and a Good Afternoon Pale Ale.

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