Bermuda Pink IPA

We’ve established in the past that we’re really bunch of hop heads here in Smith’s Parish, Bermuda but an IPA doesn’t really have any ties Bermuda. So how can we try to make a uniquely Bermuda IPA? Maybe by going pink, after all pink is the official color of Bermuda! I’ve seen some pink beers in the past, mostly using raspberries, but in this case I wanted to tap another local Bermuda resource, hibiscus flowers! Hibiscus flowers can be in both cooking and brewing and they exist all over this beautiful island! These flowers are so ever present in Bermuda they are even featured on the currency here.

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Serving Temperature for Beer?

Most beer styles have an optimum serving temperature. As a general rule, the temperature at which a beer should be served at is correlated to the strength of the beer. As beers increase in alcohol content they should generally consumed at a warmer temperature. This is because stronger beers often are sipped slowly, and enjoyed for their complexity of flavor and aroma while weaker beers are often consumed for refreshment. For example, take the American macro lager which is generally drunk so cold that you can’t taste them. The infographic below outlines some popular styles and what temperature it’s recommended they should be served at.

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