Beer in Bermuda

Bermuda is a tiny island all alone in the Atlantic Ocean, 665 miles off the east coast of the United States. The culture of Bermuda is heavily influenced by it’s ties to England, the United States, Portugal, and the Caribbean. A big part of that culture here in the consumption of alcohol, in fact it’s often said that Bermuda is 60,000 drunks clinging to a rock in the middle of the ocean.

Being such a tiny place, almost everything that we have is shipped on container ships. While I often try to use as many local ingredients when I can when brewing, such as our Bermuda Loquat Wheat and Bermuda Honey Porter, almost all our all of our beer and the ingredients we use for making beer are imported. Given this it’s no surprise that the big macro brews are found pretty much everywhere with Heineken and Carlsberg being the two most popular beers in Bermuda. Thankfully in recent times several companies are making inroads to introducing craft beer to Bermuda and you can find locally produced beer at two local breweries.

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Bermuda Loquat Wheat

I’m always on the hunt for a way to brew a locally inspired beer! The first local beer brewed was a Honey Porter using local Bermuda Honey. This beer turned out amazing and has been brewed many time since. Next we did a awful Hibiscus IPA, this was the first beer I’ve ever dumped out! I might revisit one day as it taught me a lot about brewing with flowers. So next the committee of beer drinkers decided to try an American Wheat beer flavored with local Bermuda Loquats.

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Canada Day in Bermuda

There is quite a few expats in Bermuda, most from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. I am an expat as well having grown up just outside of Detroit, MI on the US / Canada boarder. Every July the Americans and Canadians threw a multi-day party called the Freedom Festival  that celebrated Candid Day on Jay 1st and Independence Day on July 4th.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that my northerly neighbors we’re celebrating their day here in Bermuda on Warwick Long Bay beach. It turns out it is a massive party with everyone enjoying the sea, sand and sun! Canadian music was played there was also the ACIB Canada Day barbecue and it all ends with a spectacular firework display, much like my childhood on the Detroit River!

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