Serving Temperature for Beer?

Most beer styles have an optimum serving temperature. As a general rule, the temperature at which a beer should be served at is correlated to the strength of the beer. As beers increase in alcohol content they should generally consumed at a warmer temperature. This is because stronger beers often are sipped slowly, and enjoyed for their complexity of flavor and aroma while weaker beers are often consumed for refreshment. For example, take the American macro lager which is generally drunk so cold that you can’t taste them. The infographic below outlines some popular styles and what temperature it’s recommended they should be served at.

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Building a Keezer

What’s a keezer?

Keezer (noun): a freezer that has been modified to serve beer from a keg

Every home brewer at some point as given a lot of though to tapping a keg at home and pour yourself beer? I certainly did when a few years back I built our first Keezer. However, we foolish didn’t bring it with us when we moved!  But every setback is a new opportunity and here we get to build a new keezer and for me the building is half the fun!

You can read all about the process and steps on the article at, we won’t go in to that in this post where I’ll cover what I did differently.

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Bermuda Beer

This blog is about beer!

On this journey we’ll talk about everything beer on this amazing island. I’ll pass on all I know about making beer and try to get you to make beer too. Hint, it’s not very hard. I’ll even share some of my not so super secret recipes with you!

We’ll assemble a team a talk about the most pressing issues of the day; finding great beer on this tiny 22 square mile island.  All the secrets will be laid bare about where to find great new beers and where you can get them today if you’re quick enough on your cycle.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground and make plenty of amusing side trips into lifestyle and culture issues, but when it boils down to it, we are talking about beer and making new friends.

Not to mention the whole gang will get together and review every drinking hole we can find. From St Georges to Hamilton to Dockyard we’ll try to let you know what we think and what beer you might want to drink when you go there.

It’s all about beer in Bermuda!