Devils Backbone – Bravo Four Point

Devils Backbone is a brewery with deep links to Bermuda. One of the co-founders of this brewery is Gorham’s chief Rod Ferguson so it seemed right to have the first beer review be from their Bravo Four Point Session IPA.

Before we get to the review, lets define what is Session IPA is. A Session IPA isn’t a defined style but rather one that combines the lower alcohol and calorie cotent of a American Pale Ale with the much more hoppy flavor of an American IPA. This style allows hop heads like myself to have a few tasty beers without going overboard.

The Devils Backbone Bravo Four Point pours form the can with clear, almost copper color which is a bit pale for this style of beer. It also pours with a decent head so be careful! The head dissipates quickly leaving lacing in the glass.

As for the flavor, this does claim to be a Session IPA and it has a surprisingly nice citrus hop aroma right up front with a fairly aggressive hopped character with some citrus and peppery spiciness that works well.  Unfortunately there was also a slight medicinal quality, but that could have come from the aging in the can on the way to Bermuda. But by far the taste is all hops, wonderful citrus and grassiness, with hints of grapefruit. The carbonation was spot in and this beer was quite refreshing.

A really good beer, especially for the ABV which is 4.4%. Nothing like getting your hops fix without having to sacrifice your ability to drive after a few beers. While it could be more balanced with the malty side, who cares if you’re a hop head! A very nice session beer that I would not mind seeing year round, but for now it’s a winter seasonal.

Devils Backbone’s Bravo Four Point is a surprisingly hoppy version of a classic pale ale with a well placed dry hopped character.

This beer is seasonal and can be found at both Lindo’s locations.